A Woman Private Eye and Two Detectives

I was hanging out on a seedy street corner — well, okay, in my easy chair — when I got a chance to follow a woman private eye I’d seen solve other cases as she tackled the one which started it all. That went okay, so I decided to strike up acquaintance with two other female detectives who were hanging around.

Call it summer. Call it brain overload from real world matters. Whatever prompted it, I enjoyed this interlude with three sleuths who aren’t quite as gritty as the ones I usually favor. I hope you will too.

Naughty, titled, and rich, the Honorable Phryne Fisher is a 1920s P.I. created by Australian author Kerry Greenwood. She drives, flys an ‘aeroplane’ and in the course of a book is likely to share her bed with a good-looking man of her choosing — always with tasteful vagueness. In COCAINE BLUES she leaves the London social scene for Melbourne at the behest of a couple who believe their married daughter is being poisoned. It leads her to a trail of murdered girls and a cocaine smuggling enterprise.
Phryne takes getting roughed up with the best of them. A bath drawn by her maid and a few glasses of champagne usually help. In this first book of an extensive series, we see her acquire both maid and career.

R.P. Dahlke’s A DEAD RED CADILLAC is smartly done romantic suspense where the mystery predominates. The crop dusting heroine is interesting, and plotting and pacing are right on target. The author delivers a thoroughly enjoyable story without anything feeling forced. There are five books in the series.

THE GOOD KNIGHT by Sarah Woodbury weaves the politics of 12th century Wales into a plot featuring two sleuths who are part of an ongoing series. Gwen, daughter of the court bard, is employed as a spy/investigator for a prince of the royal family. Gareth is a knight loyal to the same family. The writing is visual and clean. The historical setting delivers great atmosphere without being pedantic.


M. Ruth Myers writes the Maggie Sullivan mysteries featuring a woman P.I. in the 1930s/40s.

About mruthmyers

Welcome to the spot for aficionados of the 1940s, strong women protagonists and private eye novels. Shamus Award winning mystery writer M. Ruth Myers, author of the Maggie Sullivan mysteries and other novels, is your host. Share stories of your female relatives on the WW2 homefront. Find new books. Most of all have fun!

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