The Private Eye Speaks

It’s a strange experience hearing a perfect stranger give a voice to the P.I. you’ve created. I’m smack in the middle of that experience as I listen to tracks of the audiobook of No Game for a Dame, which is now in production.


It’s the first book in my Maggie Sullivan mysteries series, so it seemed like a logical place to start. In addition to being of the series, however, it’s the first of any of my books to make the trip to an audible format.

For years – nay, decades – I’ve had the occasional reader or acquaintance ask me, “Who do you think should play _____?” (Fill in the blank with the heroine they reference.) They always seem startled at my answer: “I’ve never thought about it.” But I don’t.

I simply see the character I’ve created, who has become very real to me. If I can’t picture my main characters, even if those images are blurry at times, I can’t write about them. I don’t mean the stock height-hair color – eye color – facial features. I mean them. The individual I want to live and breathe on my pages.

Quite possibly I had a firmer fix on how Maggie would sound. After all, she not only has the majority of the dialog lines, she narrates these first-person yarns.

Mary Ann Jacobs, the narrator I selected after listening to 24 audition tapes, does a fine job of bringing Maggie to life. It may not be EXACTLY how I heard Maggie’s voice in terms of pitch and quality, but it’s close. Wry, confident, tough when it needs to be, smart-aleck when it sometimes shouldn’t be. Mary Ann “gets” the character.

The audiobook, which is being produced through ACX, will be available in a couple of weeks. I’ll have some coupons for copies to give away here when that happens, so stop back.

About mruthmyers

Welcome to the spot for aficionados of the 1940s, strong women protagonists and private eye novels. Shamus Award winning mystery writer M. Ruth Myers, author of the Maggie Sullivan mysteries and other novels, is your host. Share stories of your female relatives on the WW2 homefront. Find new books. Most of all have fun!

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  1. Congratulations! I listen to audio books when my hands and eyes must be busy. I’m eager for Maggie to gain a voice. After all, she has so much to say.


  2. I can’t wait!


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