Dayton Police Who Fell in the Line of Duty Since 1880

My Maggie Sullivan mysteries feature many policeman, all of them except Chief Wurstner fictitious. Since this is National Police Memorial Day, I’d like to recognize these real Dayton, OH, policemen who fell in the line of duty.

The most recent of them was a woman — a mother with children.  The earliest was in 1880.  If you visit Dayton Police History, you’ll find a link with information on each of them.

Thanks to Dayton Police History Foundation for sharing this information.  And thanks to all Dayton police, present and past.

Officer Mary Beall – 2002
 Officer Jason ‘Jake’ Grossnickle – 1996 
 Officer William ‘Steve’ Whalen – 1991
 Officer Eddie Hobson – 1981
 Sergeant William Mortimer – 1974
 Officer Daniel Bruns – 1973
 Sergeant Paul Mortimer – 1970
 Officer James Mobley – 1970
 Officer Ronald Wells – 1967
 Officer Richard Baker – 1965
 Officer Herman Drexler – 1947
 Officer Sherman Nowlin – 1947
 Sergeant Lucius Rice – 1939
 Officer William Wilson – 1928
 Officer Walter Rauch – 1927
 Captain John C. Post – 1927
 Officer William Horn – 1927
 Officer George Clark – 1923
 Officer George Purcell – 1916
 Officer Charles Thomas – 1916
 Officer John Stapleton – 1916
 Officer William Dalton – 1899
 Sergeant Amer Kellar – 1897
 Officer Lee Lynam – 1880

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