Arcade featured in 1930s private eye mysteries


Here’s a recent picture of the now-deserted Arcade which usually is the locale of at least one scene in most of the Maggie Sullivan mysteries.  You’ll enjoy the brief account of its history.

Small wonder the spot turns up in my series, what with the detective division of the Dayton police just across the street in one direction and the newspaper building where Maggie’s friend Jenkins works across the street in another.  And where else could you get the equivalent of fast food in the late 1930s?

The rotunda section of the Arcade is in urgent need of repair. downtown dayton

Do click the image in the link to see the dome .  The round things that look like satellite dishes are…uh… turkeys.

The Arcade was still a thriving place when I was a young reporter working across the street.  Of course the food stalls weren’t as numerous or the offerings as picturesque as in Maggie’s day.

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  1. It’s a beautiful building. I’m surprised that someone didn’the declare it a historic designation building. That would prevent it from being torn down. I hope the city moves forward with its plan to create apartments and retail places.


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