Have a Story?

Did your gran, great gran, auntie or other female relative do something interesting on America’s World War II home front?   Share her photo and/or story here.





They came from farms and wide spots in the road in North Dakota, Missouri and elsewhere.  They attended small colleges, training schools and even universities, pursuing dreams.  The Pearl Harbor attack brought others flocking to jobs in defense plants and on military bases.  Many of them had never before been so much as a hundred miles from home.

When the war ended, many of them happily threw over the workplace to become homemakers.  Others went on to long careers.  All opened the way for their daughters and granddaughters to try new things and do what women hadn’t done before.

Share a story about a World War II woman in your family.  It doesn’t have to be flawless literature.  A couple of sentences about who she was and what she did would give readers a sense of the countless number of women whose contributions in the 1940s have been largely overlooked.

If you’d like to share something, please contact me here: mruthmyers.words@gmail.com

(Photos of farm, nursing students and county nurses courtesy of author Anna Castle.)

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